Refer online banking guide of Postbank for particularly German customers. Online banking saves your time and provides many benefits.

Postbank Online Banking guide for German customer

A major German retail bank, Postbank AG is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. The German Reich founded it in 1909 as the Postscheckdienst. Postscheckdienst was established for payment transactions through mail, linking postal and banking services in the German states. In 1990, all the postal savings divisions of Deutsche Bundespost were de-merged and the Postbank was formed. In 1999, it developed into a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Post.

The bank grows and develops into a leading financial institution with the help of various acquisitions in the following years. At present, Postbank contains 14.5 million customers and 20, 910 employees. Users can manage multiple accounts such as current accounts, deposit accounts, BHW accounts and savings accounts under a user name and password with Postbank. Users are allowed to directly and conveniently use mobile with “My mobile service” of Postbank. Users can get signals to their checking account, deposit, and the model portfolio in “my signal” option.

The bank statements, within the last twelve months and menu, released by Postbank can be seen in the message box. The possibility to directly subscribe to newsletters is offered by Postbank. Forms are downloaded at the download center. Useful financial calculators are offered to users by Postbank for their personal financial planning. With these calculators, users can calculate how cheap a Post Bank personal loan can be. Users can get an overview of the current stock market, stock exchange and acquire knowledge through the securities listed on a stock.

Benefits of Postbank Online Banking:

Users can directly access to their checking account anytime, anywhere with Postbank online banking. The comfortable Postbank online banking is selected by over three million Postbank customers.

  • Easy to use – quick to use
  • Print and download options
  • High safety standards for free
  • Online access to credit cards, savings accounts
  • From anywhere, anytime access to your account through Internet

Services of Postbank Online-Banking:

  • Foreign orders issued
  • Comfort-saving device
  • In no time, send money worldwide
  • See account statements, download and print
  • Transfers and standing orders set up, modify and delete
  • PIN and lock, confirmed by TAN TAN request to send new messages
  • Savings Card Banking – Transfers from current account to the savings card
  • Online credit card service
  • In the financial status of the account balances of all your postal bank accounts, and deposit and investment account issues.

Security services:

  • Maximum Security: Online banking with the mobileTAN
  • Optimal security through a multi-level security system

How to login at Postbank Online Banking?

For logging in, users need to visit the Postbank website, They will see “online banking” option at the top left side. When they click on “online banking” option, they will get login page. They need to enter their account number and pin code then click on “login” option. New users need to enter the enrollment or basic information. After registration, users will get account number and pin code for Postbank online banking.