Check out nude poster of Poonam Rai’s OK movie with only camera hanging on her body that covers least that will give tough competition to Amir’s PK poster.

Nudity was considered as a taboo to dictate intimately in any of the bollywood movies during early days. But with the quick succession of years, review of every actor, actress and their fans has changed. Everyone has started to accept nudity in one or other way in different movies. Besides making movies with real platform, directors and producers also take the advantage of every film viewer to attract them with partially or complete nude posters of movies. Even Mr. Perfectionist of bollywood, Amir Khan has done nude photo session for their upcoming movie PK with nothing but only transistor.

Nude poster of Poonam Rai

With his complete nude pose with transistor to hide sensual part of body; Amir got various opinions from the fans, family, friends and other people who are related to bollywood. By walking along with the same route to show nudity in so called artful way, Poonam Rai has also posed in same manner as Amir has done for PK movie poster. She has used one camera with its strips to hide her breasts partially and sensual body part. Kanti Shah is going to release their upcoming movie OK based on prostitution, but there is no connection between nude poster and storyline.

Besides copying the poster theme for his movie, Kanti shah has not even taken a note to change the surrounding of poster. It really looks complete mimic of the PK poster. Kanti shah has told that his upcoming movie “OK” has story line of girl about how she go into the prostitution business. As people have commented too much for PK poster of Amir Khan that bought him attention of every person that PK movie of Amir is coming soon with as mysterious and different plot as first naked movie poster. In the same way poster for Kanti shah’s upcoming movie OK poster will give publicity to Poonam Rai for her courage to shoot that nude poster, movie and Kanti shah.