Read the review of IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd) beta version website which is one of the busiest e-commerce website in India. It is much faster access over the older version of IRCTC Online Ticket Booking Engine. Now number of people and air traveling agency use this website for online ticket booking.

The beta version went online before a month ago, after IRCTC decided to make the website more user-friendly. It is offers train booking, hotel booking cab booking, packaged holiday booking, and many other online services. The new beta version is specially known for their instant booking, where the travelers need not login or register for booking tickets or accessing other services. The new interface is planned to increase the number of visitors who book rail tickets using the site.

Screenshot of IRCTC’s Beta Version Website

IRCTC's Beta Version Website Review

Service of the IRCTC’s Beta Version Website:

IRCTC Beta Version gives an online booking service for I-tickets, e-tickets and tatkal tickets.

I ticket: I ticket is delivered customer through the courier at his/her desired address, there must be two clear calendar days between the booking date and the date of travel. Tickets cannot be booked for dates of journey prior to the limits.

E Ticket: E ticket is electronic booking version of IRCTC. After booking, customer prints out an Electronic Reservation Slip which, along with one of the authorized personal identification, constitutes the authority to travel, in lieu of the regular ticket on standard Stationery.

How to book I-ticket and E-ticket

First need to login at the site by entering your user name and password and then you get plan my travel page, where select I-Ticket option If the From/To station selected by you are correct and select the type of Quota.

To book a train ticket, first find train list by clicking on “Find Trains” option. To know the route and the timings, click on the train name under the “List of Trains” option. To get the fare, click on class available in the selected train under “List of Trains”.

To book a ticket, click on book option which is given under availability option and you get the Ticket reservation page, where check train name and the station names displayed on the top of the page and then enter the names of the Passengers, age, sex and berth preference for each Passenger. The ticket details, availability of tickets at the particular time and the fare, including the service charge, appear on the screen, along with the payment option “Follow the instructions”. To make payment, it will give the list of payment options, choose any one option. Once your payment is authorized the ticket booking will be processed and you will see the confirmation of your booking at this site.

Quick book: A ticket booked against Tatkal Quota against extra payment of premium charges as per extant Railway rules. Tatkal Quota (CK) berths/seats are allocated in all-important trains in different classes except First Class Air-conditioned (1A) class. Ladies quota (LD) is generally earmarked in Sleeper class (SL) and second sitting (2S).  This option is provided for only registered user.

How to book QuickBook ticket

For Quick Book, open the “QuickBook” from the home page and then log in using your userid and password or at left navigation under “Services” after login on plan my travel page. After login you will see Quickbook page, where Select your train from the list that appears on the screen after clicking the fetch train code option.  If the “From /to” stations selected by you are correct in the route of the train then enter Valid date of booking, enter passenger detail and select e-Ticket or I-Ticket option.  Enter payment Detail and complete your ‘Quick book’ process.

Provide General Enquiries Service to know below info:

  • Accommodation available for a train/date combination
  • Current Status of reserved tickets
  • PNR Enquiry
  • Reservation enquiries
  • Time table
  • Train fare
  • Trains available between a given pair of stations

IRCTC Mobilebooking

IRCTCMobile allows you to perform various ticketing related services through your mobile phone, for this it has tied up with ngpay, which is India’s Largest Mall on Mobile. It is available for all GPRS subscribers in India. Now, people can book tickets  using credit cards and cash cards, view trains trains between stations, check availability, get fare, perform PNR enquiry and many other information services. The tickets booked through IRCTCmobile shall be delivered to the postal address provided during the booking within 3 clear days from the date of booking.

Features of IRCTC Mobilebooking:

  • A world of convenience.
  • A simple registration process
  • A complete user-friendly application
  • Cashless transactions with the use of payment cards
  • Door delivery of your ticket

IRCTC gives special offers:

  • Free Tickets / Gifts: Every week they pick 22 lucky winners through an automatic computer generated search cum lucky draw and give free tickets / gifts.
  • Get Rs.5000 daily cash benefit for hospitalization and also save tax
  • Give Exclusive Discounts from
  • Write hotel reviews on & get cash refund of Rs.250.
  • You can Win Nokia N97, HP Laptop, Sony LCD TV & more for as low as Rs.2.05 at

Below service is not offered by IRCTC

  • Reservation on Police/military warrants, Railway passes, PTOs, card passes & IC cards issued to MP’s and INDRAIL Passes and all types of Rail Travel Coupons or on any Concessions.
  • Bulk Booking for families and groups.
  • Advance booking for foreign tourists 360 days in advance.
  • Tickets to cluster stations
  • Reservation on prebought tickets, i.e. tickets already bought at stations.
  • Reservation on tickets with Break Journey
  • Modification and Cancellation of I-tickets. These facilities can be availed for I-TICKETS by presenting the ticket at a Railway Reservation Offices
  • Issue of duplicate tickets for lost, mutilated or torn tickets.
  • Source cluster tickets
  • Personal Collection of tickets by customers from any designated centers.

If you have any questions about it service, then contact their customer care center at: 011 – 23340000 / 23345500 / 23344787 / 23344773 / 23345800 / +91 9243050031 or e-mail at