Month of October is spookiest time of the year…. as it comes with blissful and pleasant ‘HALLOWEEN’ festival. Neither Disney channel nor Halloween require any introduction, because each and every kid/elder know them well. With great activities, television shows and fun for the entire family, has recently become one of the hottest and most visited websites on the web. And now, this most popular website gives chance to celebrate Halloween early with its “October Takeover”. Disney channel’s Halloween page is full of with Halloween games, movies and shows, so kids can enjoy numerous things on single page. It also offers great opportunity for kids to represent themselves as favorite Disney channel character with the permission of their parents. Play Disney Channel Halloween Games online

Halloween is almost upon us… again Disney channel is ready to give lots of fun to kids on its Disney channel/Halloween network called “October Takeover”. Every year, Disney Halloween network in Halloween month (October) brings lots of enjoyment to your screens. Generally, Disney opens “October Takeover” between October 1 and October 15, since 2005. Disney channel itself is already full of with lots of fun activities for the kids such as abundance of scary movies to watch, range of terrible games, and Halloween themed special television episodes.

This year, Disney is celebrating Halloween with “Monstober,” a bone-chilling month committed to Halloween-themed episodes, movies, games and premier of latest series, starting from Friday, October 5. Kids will enjoy two premiers of Halloween-themed season “Jessie” and “Austin & Ally,” as well premiers of Disney Channel Original Movie “Girl vs. Monster.” Kids will enjoy the episode of Halloween themed episodes such as “A.N.T. Farm,” a creepy doll in “Fish Hooks,” a marathon of “My Babysitter’s a Vampire”, baby Toby’s first Halloween in “Good Luck Charlie,” and also list of fan-favorite movies such as “Monsters, Inc”, “Twitches,” “Hocus Pocus,” and more.

Do you want to create “monster-morphosis” with your appearance? If yes…..then visit starting from 28 September. Here, you can create “monster-morphosis” just by uploading a picture and using monster themed assets to transform into a monster. Through the “monster-morphosis” shows, some lucky monster creations will appear on Disney Channel. Moreover, you are also able to create a haunted house-themed maze with “Monster Mania Maze” and send it to a monster gallery.

You can enjoy all features of the after September 28. Fans of Disney channels can also play the two special games, which are based on the Disney Channel Original Movie “Girl vs. Monster” and “Skylar’s Chilling Challenge.” It also gives viewer-created videos and photos on this site, which you can send to your friends as well rank as your favorites.

Positive points:

  • Play Halloween themed games
  • Create monster-morphosis by uploading pictures
  • Presents few monster creations on Disney channel
  • Kids can create a haunted house-themed maze with “Monster Mania Maze”
  • Watch Halloween themed movies and episodes