An American oil and natural gas energy company, Questar Gas Corporation is distributor and transporter of high-quality natural gas. Questar Gas also offers many services online on its website such as manage your online account easily, pay gas bills online, or order natural gas devices and appliances. For making Questar Gas billpayment online at, you must have your Questar Gas account number and billing zip code that is located on your bill statement. Follow the Questar Gas Bill Payment online guide below and make your bill payment online.

Questar Gas Bill Payment online guide using

From over seventy-five years, Questar Gas has been providing gas service without a major disruption. During the winter days, Questar Gas delivers over a billion cubic feet of natural gas through 10,000 miles of pipe to ensure your comfort. They deliver reliable natural gas service at the lowest possible price.

Questar Gas provides a large range of gas service to home, business and builder. Questar Gas customers can get benefits easily by creating Questar Gas account on From the website, you are also able to learn more about how to manage your Questar Gas account in a better way. You will also save much money with a superior management of your Questar Gas account. The customer can pay their bills online and obtain benefits of energy-saving tips and get in touch with a representative, if they have any problem with their account.

Questar Gas’s one-time online payment option lets you to make your bill payment without having to manage a login and password, or store bank account information online. Questar Gas has agreement with Western Union’s Speedpay in order to make online payments. Third-party expediency may be charged $1.99 per transaction.

You are provided several alternatives to pay your Questar Gas bill. You may use their online Customer Self Service; otherwise you can pay your bill through auto pay, credit cards / online checks, payment drop boxes, pay stations, and by mail. If you select “Auto Pay” way, then to pay your monthly bill, your payments will be automatically withdrawn from their checking or savings accounts. So, Auto Pay lets you pay your monthly gas bill without writing checks, buying stamps or making special trips to pay stations or drop-box locations.

Questar Gas Corporation also provides Payment Drop Boxes at many locations, so customers may also pay their bill at these convenient locations. Questar Gas Pay Stations also allows you to make a natural gas payment to a cashier.

Questar Gas bill payment online is secure service, so do not worry about the security of personal account in the process of bill payment. You can conveniently pay bills at any time through this website. On the website, you can also search on behalf of proper natural gas appliances from the listings of Questar Gas devices.

How to login or enroll for online services?

You can collect and pay your bill electronically, view your account history, update your mail address and more after enrolling for free online services. Once you register and create your account on the website, you will get many benefits of Questar Gas online services that save your time and money. At front page of, you can see the Account Center located on left side. From My account section, you can directly access to registration. Account Number, first name (including middle name/initial as on bill) and last name (or business name) are required for the customer registration.

After registering, you will get following Questar Gas online services:

  • Get account financial history
  • View copies of billing statements
  • Change your billing options:
    • Receive e-mail notices
    • E-bill (paperless billing)
    • Submit meter read
  • Get other payment options:
    • Auto Pay
    • Budget Plan
    • Pay Online (SpeedPay®)
    • Pay Plan
    • Charitable contribution (REACH)
  • Stop or start service
  • Update Account Information:
    • Change password
    • E-mail contact
    • Mailing address
    • Phone numbers

Questar Gas Bill Payment:

If you have no time for paying bill on the center and the date also is coming up, then you can use One-time Pay feature of Questar Gas that allows you to pay your gas bill quickly and easily without sign up for an online account. You can do this if you have your Questar Gas account number and checkbook or credit/debit card handy. You will find “Pay My Bill” yellow tab on homepage where you get all information about one-time online payment and also get bottom side located Pay Now button. Account Number and Billing Zip Code, which appeared on your statement, are required on bill payment page then submit it. You can also make your natural gas bill payment after login into your online Questar Gas account.