National Fuel provides online payment services to customers at its official website You can pay your fuel or gas bill by ePaybill, direct pay or make a payment without enrolling options.

National Fuel bill pay: How to make online payment?

About National Fuel:

National Fuel Gas Company has expanded its business in five different segments: Utility, Pipeline and Storage, Exploration and Production, Energy Marketing, and Timber. It was founded in 1902 in Williamsville, New York. It is one of the largest providers of Natural gas, Oil reserves and Timber through its wholly owned subsidiaries including Horizon Energy Development, Inc.; Horizon LFG, Inc.; Leidy Hub, Inc.; Data-Track Account Services, Inc.; Horizon Power, Inc.; and Empire Pipeline, Inc.

Its utility segment sells natural gas or offers natural gas transportation services. For affiliated and non-affiliated companies, its Pipeline and Storage segment provides interstate natural gas transportation and storage services. The Exploration and Production segment is engaged in development and purchase of both natural gas and oil reserves. For industrial, commercial, public authority and residential end users, its Energy Marketing segment markets natural gas. Its Timber segment markets timber from its New York and Pennsylvania land holdings. The two sawmill operations owned by this segment in northwestern Pennsylvania, processes timber.

Enroll now in National Fuel’s Online Services, if you want to receive and pay your bill electronically in 24 hours a day, seven days a week, view your account history and update your e-mail or mailing address. It is safe, secure, fast, easy, and best for all.

Once you enrolled, you will receive billing information by e-mail which is a convenient way to know amount and due date of your monthly bill and make your bill payment quick and easy per month. It is free and saves your time. There are different options available to make bill payment.

National Fuel ePaybill:

ePaybill lets you to enter your banking information that is stored on your online service account. It allows you set up the way for paying the bill per month. For example: – you can set up an automatic payment schedule, make a single payment, or set up a way you want.

National Fuel Direct Pay:

It is quickest and easiest way to pay your bill online. With the Direct Payment Plan, the total amount of your monthly gas payment will be deducted automatically from your checking or savings account on the bill due date. You will be notified through the bill statement that the payment will be deducted from your banking account on the due date of the bill. Now, there is no need to write more checks, check charges, postage costs or waiting in line. It is absolutely free.

The Direct Payment Plan is especially compatible with Budget Plan. Both programs allow you prepared for your monthly deductions.

Budget Plan:

Budget Plan is very helpful. It makes budgeting easier.

Budget Plan allows you stabilize your whole monthly bill for up to one year. It divides your expected yearly bill by 12 (or by the number of months you want your budget plan to be in effect). The average of these bill amounts are based on a combination of the cost of gas and weather conditions, plus historic and current gas usage.

Make a Payment without Enrolling:

With Make a Payment without Enrolling option, you can make payment immediately. For payment, each time you need to enter your banking account information. Note that your banking account information is not stored for later use. You can pay incomplete or the total amount of the bill.

One-Time Pay:

You did not like to enroll for an online account, and your payment date is coming up and you want to pay your gas bill quickly and easily, then make payment by One-Time Pay option. To do so, you must have your National Fuel account information and checkbook handy. Credit card payments are not authorized by One-Time Pay service.

Pay Through Other Way:

You can pay your bill by mail. Send your check to National Fuel at the following address.

National Fuel,
P.O. Box 4103,
N.Y. 14264. OR

You can pay your gas bill in person at a National Fuel Customer Assistance Center or any other authorized payment center. To search payment center by location name, city or zip co, visit