M&I Bank is one of the most reputed banks of the United States. M&I bank is actually the abbreviation of Marshall & Ilsley Bank that was founded back in the year 1847. Since then, the bank is offering wonderful service for millions of people. Gradually, the Wisconsin-based bank started to expand its services to several other locations across the US. Now, M&I banks are located throughout the places like Florida, Arizona, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, and Nevada. The M&I bank provides varieties of financial services ranging from personal and business to commercial banking. M&I also offers online banking service that makes banking more convenient and easy for the customers.

M&I Bank Online Banking: Review of Online Services
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www.mibank.com is the official website of the bank where you can fulfill all your banking needs with few clicks also with the comfort of your home or office. The site has very easy to use interface. It is beautifully organized by keeping different banking sections like personal, small business, commercial, and wealth management. You can easily manage your bank account online by signing up with this site. With the help of online features being provided by the I&M bank, you can view your account balances, transfer funds, track the transaction history, pay bills, reorder checks, receive online statements, see real time account activities, view check images, and many more.

To get benefits of all these features, you are required to create an online account in this site. For account creation, you need M&I personal account number, PIN number or last statement balance, social security number, and email address. Just visit mibank.com/enroll and follow the instructions to create your user ID and password. Now, let’s have a brief review for some of the main online features.

Online Statements:

This online feature enables the account holder to receive electronic statements through email for his/her personal M&I Savings, Checking, and Money Market account. You can even manage your statements as per your convenience i.e. you can either save the statements on to your PC or you can take the print out of the online statements.

Online Bill Payment:

Using this feature is the most secure and convenient way to use your M&I Checking account for paying bills and sending money. The feature also provides numerous additional benefits for the customers like they can choose between one-time payment and scheduled recurring payment, track their payments, create reports of payment history, and even update or cancel any payment.

Automatic payment:

If you are paying certain amount for payees in every month, for example phone bill, Cable Company, or insurance company, then you can opt for automatic payment feature. This feature will automatically do all your payments.

Reorder Checks online:

The online banking account holder can easily reorder the checks online within few seconds. Simply, sign in and click on the customer service tab followed by clicking on order checks option. That’s it. You have to reorder the checks.

Check Images:

Check images are actually electronic images of the written and processed M&I checks that can be viewed and saved by the account holder. Plus, you can even take print out of the checks directly.

Secure Sign On:

Secure Sign On is an online feature provided by M&I bank for protecting its online customers against fraud and identity theft. This feature will help you in knowing that you are at the official web site and not a fake website. Every time you sign in, the site will display a picture and a phrase that you have selected at the time of the activation of the feature. So, you can enter your personal info without any fear once you confirm your picture and the phrase.

Set Up Alerts Or Notifications:

M&I bank offers wide range of alerts to inform you about important account activities. Alerts are sent by means of email. You can also customize the email alerts as per your needs.

M&I Mobile 

You can also use your mobile phone to access M&I online banking account. The only requirement is that your phone must be an internet enabled mobile phone. M&I mobile offers several useful features to make your mobile banking experience even better. There are three ways to use your mobile for online banking. One is the ‘Text Banking’ option where you can receive the balance and transaction info in your mobile phone by just sending a text message. The other method is of ‘Mobile Web’ in which you can sign in to your account by visiting mibank.mobi. The third method is of using the app. You can download the M&I bank app in your device. The App is available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry devices. With the M&I Mobile, you can check account balance, pay bills, transfer funds, find the location of M&I branch or ATM, and lot more things.


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Check your account balance
  • Make online payments
  • Receive online statements
  • Easy transfer of funds
  • Reorder checks online
  • Track the transaction history