The financial services website, TreasuryDirect allows its users to purchase and redeem securities straightforwardly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form. At, your saving portfolio is flexibly managed online according to your requirements and change of economic conditions, with the faith that the U.S. government will provide your money back. Product information and research across the whole line of Treasury Securities from Series EE Savings Bonds to Treasury Notes is offered at

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Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), and Series I and EE Savings Bonds are offered in electronic form in one suitable account by its new TreasuryDirect accounts. You can also buy Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, and Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) in Legacy Treasury Direct. TreasuryDirect lengthens the services of those, who are managing big investments for their clients, company, institution, or even government agency. Dedicated segments for institutes and government agencies are created after recognizing your requirements.

You can save on a regular basis by buying electronic Treasury securities with a simple way, TreasuryDirect. The securities are electronic at TreasuryDirect so there is no paper to misplace, nor do you need to go to your local bank to redeem them. Details like current value and issue date are tracked for you. With TreasuryDirect, you can:

  • Purchase, manage, and redeem Treasury securities online any time, all from the expediency of home, work, or wherever you have secure Internet access.
  • Diversify your holdings since Treasury bills, notes, bonds, and TIPS are also offered by TreasuryDirect.
  • Start multiple registrations in one account.
  • Set up an easy payroll savings plan to mechanically invest in savings bonds.
  • Add savings bonds purchases to the account in just one business day.
  • Redeem part or all of your savings bond(s), when the funds are required, and after the minimum holding period has been reached. The payment will be deposited to the checking or savings account as per your choice. In just one business day, redemption funds should reach your bank or credit union.
  • Set up accounts for minor children and custom accounts for precise purposes like education or vacations.
  • See a summary of account activity, such as current purchases, account balance, and payments online.
  • Print a copy of any page in your TreasuryDirect account for your personal files.

You can easily set up an online account in about 10 minutes. You will get an access card by mail in about two weeks after starting of your account. This card offers an extra layer of safety and it is necessary to access the account. You will require an account at a financial institution to get direct deposit payments and as a potential funding source for purchases. You will also require Internet access to see and utilize your account. An e-mail address is essential for getting important messages about your account.

Visit, click on “Treasurydirect” option, enter your account number, no usernames. If your computer is not documented, a one-time pass-code is sent to the e-mail address on file that is applicable for only 2 hours. You need to enter this pass-code to go further, and you can set a cookie to keep in mind your computer and skip this step in the future. You have to set a modified image and caption text. This is regular process amongst banks to confirm that you are on the applicable TreasuryDirect site.

How to Claim Unclaimed Funds at

Visit, click on “Individuals,” then “Search for your securities in Treasury Hunt.” If you know that your lost bonds were bought in 1974, then click “Start Search” in You will require the Social Security Number or EIN for the bond. If you get nothing, do not despair as you can find and redeem lost bonds with more steps there. Download Form 1048, this misplaced bonds form walks bondholders during the procedure of claiming a lost savings bond. Reply all the questions as systematically as probable. Bondholders are provided with a chance to get the cash payout through check, new bonds, or direct deposit into a bank account by the form.

Examine all the form options cautiously. You may need to give additional forms for information linked to finding and cashing a deceased relative’s holdings, for example. Redeeming unclaimed bonds at and is not an easy work, but the steps are clear. For answers to forms sent in for lost treasury bonds, you need to wait for four to eight weeks and keep researching probable ways to get bonds. The Treasury Direct form contains several inquisitive questions to assist in finding the original print certificates, however you need to keep an eye out for innovative ways to find lost bonds and read articles about the procedure that can also assist to recall ideas and memories about the bonds, increasing your possibilities for victory.

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