Www.iocbc.com is the official website OCBC Securities Private Limited, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OCBC Bank and member of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited and the Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading Limited. OCBC Securities is one of the leading stock and futures broking firms in Singapore. For equities and derivatives trading, it provides full brokerage services.

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iOCBC Online Trading Account User Guide

For its consumers, it employs State-of-the-art technology to deliver speedy multi-market electronic execution of trades. It becomes the preferred choice amongst its customers with its user-friendly and highly interactive internet trading platform. A wide array of superior products and services is offered by OCBC Securities to its customers. Both individuals and institutional investors are included in its customer base. Foreign banks, financial institutions, public-listed corporations, professional traders, as well as retail and high net-worth individuals are included in them.

UBS Warburg & Associates (Singapore) Private Limited was acquired by Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited through its wholly owned subsidiary, Provident Securities Private Limited in 2001. To include commodity futures, financial futures broking and leveraged foreign exchange trading, OCBC Securities expanded its product when it acquired the business of OCBC Bullion & Futures Pte Ltd in 2003. In 2008, OCBC Securities expanded overseas network when it reactivated OCBC Securities (HK) Limited.

The Login ID and Password will be posted to new OCBC Securities client. For existing OCBC Securities client, who have just applied for the iOCBC online trading account, the default Login ID will be their existing trading account number in a 7-digit format (e.g.: 0123456). Only the password will be posted to them. Existing iOCBC clients, who have applied for an additional trading account, need to use their existing Login ID and Password to login (single login concept). Any new Login ID and password will not be issued to them.

Note: If account holders wish to receive separate User IDs and Passwords for their joint trading account, then kindly indicate on the account opening form before iOCBC process their joint trading account opening form.

By clicking on ‘Account Mgmt’ menu, users can change their User ID and Password:

User ID: The new User ID has to be alphanumeric and bearing 6 to 15 characters, cannot contain all numbers (Example of acceptable User ID: XYZ123456 or xyz123456)

Password: The new Password has to be alphanumeric and bearing 6 to 10 characters, its case sensitive (e.g. ABC123, abc123).

Note: Special symbols (e.g., &, {, $, etc.!) are not allowed for both User ID and Password. New password cannot include consecutive repeated characters for added security. Example of acceptable new password by the system: london480 and example of non-acceptable new password by the system: apple2008.

OCBC Securities have implemented periodic password change in its system for added security. So users are requisite to change their password every 300 days. If users did not login to iOCBC for more than 300 days, then their existing password will be valid. They will be prompt to change to a new password after successful login. The previous password can only be recycled upon 3 password changed cycles. Call at 1800 338 8688 or (65) 6338 8688 for a new password to be mailed. If users have made 5 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts, then their account will be “blocked”.

A single login concept for multiple online trading accounts is utilized by the iOCBC online trading platform for the same client. Therefore, users only need one set of User ID and Password to access all the online trading accounts under their name. Before proceeding with order submission, make sure that they have chosen the correct trading account on the buy/sell ticket. Lowest numbered trading account number of users will be displayed as the default trading account by the system, if they have over one online trading account. Kindly use the ‘Trading A/C Number’ drops-down menu on the buy/sell order ticket to trade through your preferred trading account. Make sure that the correct trading account is selected on the buy/sell ticket before proceeding with order submission.

To change default trading account on iOCBC:

Click on the “Account Mgmt” Tab, then click on the “Personalise” Tab, use the option “Set my default trading account to” and select your default account then click on the “Submit” button to set the changes. For a visual explanation of the above, please refer the step-by-step user guide to change default trading account.

For maximum efficiency, orders placed by iOCBC are routed straight-through to SGX for Singapore market. For Malaysia market, Orders placed via iOCBC, which are routed directly to its Malaysia broker for their processing to Bursa Malaysia. Orders placed via iOCBC are routed to its Central Dealer, who will contact the respective foreign brokers to place orders on a first come first serve basis for other foreign markets. By this arrangement, users can easily trade in foreign markets via iOCBC even though some foreign exchange markets do not support straight-through processing.

Users can check the status of the order under the ‘Status’ column in the ‘Order of the Day’ panel. To check your previous days orders, kindly click on “Order History”. Status of the order is as follows:

Status Description Status Description
Q Order accepted in queue PA Reduced order pending to enter queue
PO Pending to enter queue AC Reduced order accepted
F Filled order PC Cancelled order pending to enter queue
PF Partially-filled order C Cancelled order accepted
R Order rejected U Unknown status
E Expired order PE Partially expired order
S Suspended – unfilled quantity is void

Users can receive trade confirmation through mobile phone or e-mail by selecting “Account Mgmt” menu and next select ‘Alert Setting’. Users are requested to check the status of their orders via iOCBC website each time they have submitted their orders due to the Alerts are provided on an “as is”, “as available” basis only and that no warranties are provided as to the availability or timeliness of such Alerts. Central Depository Pte Ltd (CDP) will send a contract note to users’ mailing address (as registered with CDP) on the next market day.

OCBC Securities will assign buy and sell trading limits for users’ account after they have successfully opened a trading account with it. Credit assessment will be conducted based on the information furnished in users’ account opening form. The trading limits will then be assigned in accordance to the credit assessment.

Users can either contact their Trading Representative or login to iOCBC Online Trading Portal to check their online trading limits. Users can click on any stock name to obtain the buy/sell ticket after successful login.