These days, life has turn out to be so busy that we hardly find time to visit bank to carry out our daily transactions. So NetBanking is most convenient way to lessen the hassle of banking as you can enjoy banking from your home, your workplace or from an internet café; 24 hours a day. At the same time, you will save time and resources. Simply, an internet connection and online banking account is required perform all the banking transactions with a click of the mouse. Like all the banks, Danske bank also provides Netbanking service to its costumer. Danske Netbanking is safe, secure and convenient.

Danske Netbanking Login Guide & Features

Netbanking of Danske bank is cheaper compared to other bank branches. It lets you to pay your bills, check your account balance, transfer money between accounts, trade shares, control your budget, and much more. It provides discounts and waivers on various transaction fees. You can make bank as per your liking in the Danske Netbanking. You are able to select accounts to be shown/not shown, give names to your accounts as well as choose the section. The selected section will be automatically displayed when you enter the eBank system of Danske.

One of the biggest in Denmark’s banks, The Danske Bank provides various banking services. It mainly focuses on retail banking. Currently, the bank has some 2 million online customers, 5 million retail customers and a large number of corporate & institutional customers. In 1871, the Danske Bank A/S was established and till now it has merged with number of banks. There are 661 branches of Danske Bank (308 in Denmark, 120 in Finland, 41 in Norway, 49 in Sweden, 28 in The Republic of Ireland, 82 in Northern Ireland and 33 in The Baltics). It offers both, personal and business eBanking services (in 14 countries) with a high level of security.

Danske Netbanking Features

  • Check the balances of your accounts
  • Open various types of deposits
  • Pay for telecommunications and other services
  • Open accounts in different currencies
  • Effect funds transfers to other banks of Lithuania
  • View lists of operations and print necessary entries
  • Transfer funds according to international payment orders
  • Buy and sell currency
  • Check your securities portfolio status
  • Check repayment schedules for your loans
  • Check official exchange rates as declared by the Bank of Lithuania
  • Receive e-mail notifications about movement of funds in your accounts
  • Import payment orders from your corporate accounting or ERP system
  • Check foreign currency buy and sell rates of Danske Bank A/S Lithuania Branch
  • Deliver tax declarations to the State Tax Inspectorate over the internet
  • Display your Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE Lithuania Branch agreements (life insurance and pension funds)
  • Pay for public utilities provided in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai and Klaipėda energy zone

Personal eBanking:

Danske Personal netbanking service lets you to do all your own banking transactions such as bills payment, money transfer, control your budget, check your account balance and buy & sell shares online along with high degree of security. Danske Personal netbanking service is free so it helps you to save your money and as you don’t have to visit the bank & stand in queue, it also saves your time. It allows the users to make and handle more long-term budgets. You will get all the bills directly in your email. Users can also apply for facilities like loans/overdraft, view graphical representations of their mortgage loans as well as keep an eye on their pension savings. Users who use Danske netbanking service on regular basis will get discounts on various services.

Business eBanking:

Danske Business netbanking service allows the companies to carry out their regular banking transactions online, quickly and easily. It provides the users a summary of liquidity and finances of their company. Users are able to view balances and entries, make payments to creditors & order cheques, execute trades in the financial markets, view custody accounts, use international cash management facilities, transfers files and make payments. Users can integrate data in the accounting system of their company. Danske netbanking is also available for Danske Bank salary accounts.

How to register and login for Danske Netbanking?

To get benefit of Danske Netbanking service, you are required to get register and login to the website. To register, visit and click on “Order Danske eBanking”. The registration page will appear, just enter your civil registration number (CPR No.) and hit on “Send” button. As you get registered, you will get Danske Netbanking user ID, electronic signature and a temporary PIN which can be used for login to use the service by regular mail. All these 3 things are needed for the first time login.

For login, visit, hit “Log-on” button and select “eBanking”. A security warning will be seen, press “Run”. Now, you will see the NemID box, enter user ID and password and click “Next”. Then, select new password and repeat it. Click “Next”, make a personal user ID and again press “Next”. You will be requested to connect a digital signature to your NemID, if you want and hit “Next”. From your code card, enter a code and click “Next”. Your NemID has been created and hit “OK”.


  • Service is easy and free of charge.
  • Users can save fees on various services
  • Netbanking is also available for Danske Bank salary accounts.
  • Provide a summary of liquidity and finances of users’ company.
  • Users are able to integrate data in their company’s accounting system.
  • Reduce paper consumption by sending bills directly through email.