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Singapore School Holiday 2011 will officially fall after term 1 on Saturday, 12 March 2011 to Sunday 20 March 2011 etc. However, 1st January is public holiday and it occurs on Saturday and school will close on every Monday in Singapore so, 3 January 2011 will be holiday and school will be started on Tuesday, 4 January 2011.

People plan their journey in the holidays due to holiday has special importance to observe their religious, national, or cultural significance with celebrations or festivities. Holiday means any special day of rest or relaxation, and different from normal days, away from work or school. People plan a special occasion or book a trip in holidays. continue reading…

Merry Christmas (December 25) is the most awaited celebration of this year, which has been arrived now. Make your desktop sizzling by adding ultimate touches of holiday pleasure & decoration to it. Generally Christmas holiday season brings back happy memories. Display charming wallpaper on your desktop for recollections of the merriest time of the year. Here is provided a best selected Merry Christmas Wallpapers, check it out and put it on your desktop throughout this holiday season.

Best Merry Christmas Wallpapers Collections

Image source: from flickr, by Pawns

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Get various ideas of creating homemade Christmas card for friends and family that include many advantages such as develop skills, save money, etc.

Follow the easy tips and ideas for creating homemade Christmas card, which is a fun craft for kids that can be done with entire family. It is a great way to sit down with your children for a fine extensive crafty session by making Christmas cards for friends and relatives. Create a broad range of Christmas cards that looks different in shapes, color, and decoration with a little basic technique. There are several benefits of making Christmas card at home like save money, develop skills, spare time with family, etc.

Homemade Christmas Card Ideas

The main difference between the Christmas cards bought from the market or homemade is that it seems unique as you have used your own mind to make it and it would surely surprise for those who keenly await a Christmas message from you. They will always remember that you have given time to them by making it at home rather than simply purchasing it. The important thing is the feelings and attachment of you for them is described by the homemade Christmas card. Selecting the right Christmas card design necessitates thinking about your personal sense of style in addition to your level of card making skill.  continue reading…

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’s season 4 contestants include from entertainment industry and sports to win the title of ultimate dancing star. View all 12 Contestants detailed information of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4.

The popular dancing reality show, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa is back with its 4th season on Sony Entertainment Television on December 12, which will be bigger and better with 12 celebrity contestants from entertainment industry and sports to fight it out on the dance floor for winning the much coveted title of ultimate dancing star. Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4 Contestants (12 superstars) comes from various fields and professions with one mission – present the best amusement to the entire nation and also confer hard competition to their colleague participants.

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4 Contestants Info

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4 will be judged by three dancers and choreographers such as 90’s superstar actress & dancing queen Madhuri Dixit; master choreographer Remo D’Souza; and thrilling dancer Malaika Arora Khan (Munni Badnaam Hui sensation). Mona Singh (winner of the season 1 of the dance reality show) and Television’s gorgeous actor Sumeet Raghavan will host the show. Do not miss to watch this new season that comes with new and popular faces on every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. only on Sony channel. continue reading…

Follow the walkthrough video guide to play the latest turn based strategy game, Madness Retaliation which is developed by revolverroach. In this game, player has to control 4 specialists that infiltrate a secret base searching for DNA vials. Madness Retaliation Walkthrough provides proper guidelines through beginning to ending. Through the game, you have to shoot and stab your way throughout lots of ever humanizing enemies. To arrive at the auditor’s tower and finish your goal, you must gather weapons, armor and items by turning room to room with the mouse.

Madness Retaliation Walkthrough Video Guide

The game is designed with action point mechanic, which means all turns costs a point creating you think and fight cleverly. In every fight, try to beat the enemies as soon as possible. In this game you can find invaluable armor, weapons and suit in certain rooms so discovering the entire facility can be worth. Some foes crash items can be helpful to win intricate fights. continue reading…

Refer this article to get the walkthrough details to the play the new action game, Ray Ardent Science Ninja. Also, watch out walkthrough video which guides you easily.

Ray Ardent Science Ninja is the new action plat former game, developed by Shane Neville. In this game, player fights through dangers that only a man who is a scientist and a ninja can survive. The latest game packed with the brilliance of science and killer skills of ninjutsu. The main character of the game is Dr. Ray Ardent, who is a man of adventure, world, and a man of science.

Ray Ardent Science Ninja Walkthrough: Video & Guide


GAMEPLAY Move – Arrow Keys or ‘A’ and ‘D’
Jump – Up Arrow or Space Bar Slide
Duck – Down Arrow or ‘S’
Ability X – ‘X’ or ‘B’ OTHER CONTROLS
Pause – ‘P’
Restart Level – ‘R’
Return to Menu – ‘T’
Volume Controls – ‘+’ and ‘-‘ continue reading…

Get the Lucky Tower Walkthrough details to play the latest Halloween themed platformer type adventure game. The Lucky Tower is developed by molkman. During the play time, you must attempt to escape a super dangerous mysterious tower as a clumsy medieval hero pining for undying glory. In this game, your friend needs your help, so help through a variety of doors, traps and obstacles. You can play this game by using arrow keys or also using ASK keys. Before playing the game, read carefully this handy tutorial will explain you how to beat the game.

Lucky Tower Walkthrough Guide

Move your hero with the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys, Press DOWN ARROW KEY to duck, use ‘A’ for jump, and use your weapon or hit switches with [S]. Press UP ARROW KEY to enter room. And press ENTER to respawn. You will be using most of your time going through doors which guide either to the next floor of the tower or a horrible end. As you go down the tower, with new weapons and hats, you can modify your character. Lucky tower is a fairly short game. The half of the game is creating mistakes on purpose so you can see what misfortune befalls the hero. continue reading…