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Integrity Staffing Associates can login into their payroll account at to view or print their W2 or Pay Statements.

Pay stubs are not only useful for keeping track about wages and deductions but also needed for getting a loan or filing taxes. Many companies are making pay stubs accessible online through their corporate associate website. The website shows the same information as you would receive on a paper pay stub without downloading any special software. Integrity Staffing Associates can access their pay stub & payroll information online via the TempWorks WebCenter at

Integrity Staffing Associate Pay Stub allows users to view payroll information once they got their first manual paycheck. After getting the first paycheck, Integrity Staffing Associate’s can sign up for the service and login into their payroll account 24 hours a day 7 days a week, from anywhere using an internet enabled device.

You are able to view your current & past paystubs and even take printout of them to use them as proof of income. You are also allowed to take print out of W-2 form for tax filing purposes.

Integrity Staffing Associate Pay Stub & Payroll Login

To view or print W2 or Pay Statements at, you have to create a User Name and Password. The Username is your Last Name and the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) while your Password is the last six digits of your SSN. For instance, if your name is John Smith and your SSN is 123-45-6789, then your login information will be User Name: smith6789 and Password: 456789

After creating User Name and Password, login into your payroll account. You are able to change your login information. If you forget your login information, you can use the Forgot section of the website for recovering your User Name or Password.

Learn 13 different ways including online, mail, ATM, post offices and petrol stations to pay your DEWA bills easily without any delay.

Electricity and water bills are priority bills as it’s difficult for us to survive without energy or water in our home. So, it is very important to pay these bills on time to avoid late fees or having your water or lights cut off. People living in Dubai are the world’s leading consumers of water & electricity. Water, electricity and sewerage are supplied to them by DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). DEWA offers a variety of ways to pay bills, so that you can pay bills conveniently without any delay.

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DEWA lets you to pay your monthly DEWA electricity or water bills in various modes: DEWA website, post offices, mobile phones, Dewa’s customer service centers, DEWA’s head office, petrol stations, ATM machines and banks. You can choose any one of these methods to pay your bills and save your precious time and hard earned money.

Ways to Pay DEWA Bills:

1. DEWA Website (ePay)

Just register at and pay your bill online via credit/debit cards (VISA or Master card) without any additional charges from the comfort of your home or office at any time, from any place. continue reading…

Social Security provides an online application to apply for retirement, disability, and medicare benefits. So now, no need to visit Social Security office or take an appointment with a Social Security representative.

Everyone hates being disabled, but neither future nor destiny is in our hands. Disability can come at any time in our life. Some programs exist that provides financial help to people with partial disability or short-term disability, while Social Security pays benefits to people who are not able to do work as they have such medical condition that could last at least 1 year or result in death. You could file for Social Security benefits online by visiting the website, and submitting important documents to support your application or claim. Now let’s see here step-by-step process to check online Social Security Disability status & benefits. You should check on your claim status often so that you can keep up to date on your benefits more easily.

Social Security Disability Status & Benefits

The path to Social Security or SSI disability benefits is very long for most individuals who file for disability. Social Security Disability applications takes time in passing through different screening processes before a decision on the disability claim is made. If your any key information is missing, then contact your doctor as soon as possible to speed up the process. Once you submit all the medical records, the application can then be reviewed and an initial determination can be made on your disability claim. The Social Security Administration (SSA) determines whether you’re eligible for Social Security or not and how much money you could get every month.

The eligibility to apply for online application for disability benefits is as follows – your age must be 18 or above; you should not be getting benefits on your own Social Security record at present; you are not able to do work due to the medical condition that seems to last at least 1 year or result in death: and your application should not be denied for disability benefits in the last 60 days. continue reading…

Check out nude poster of Poonam Rai’s OK movie with only camera hanging on her body that covers least that will give tough competition to Amir’s PK poster.

Nudity was considered as a taboo to dictate intimately in any of the bollywood movies during early days. But with the quick succession of years, review of every actor, actress and their fans has changed. Everyone has started to accept nudity in one or other way in different movies. Besides making movies with real platform, directors and producers also take the advantage of every film viewer to attract them with partially or complete nude posters of movies. Even Mr. Perfectionist of bollywood, Amir Khan has done nude photo session for their upcoming movie PK with nothing but only transistor.

Nude poster of Poonam Rai

continue reading…

Check out the list of Asus India customer care numbers and locations so that you can call it for any query related to any of ASUS products that you own.

Asus is a multinational company, offering a broad range of electronic products like laptops, mobile phones, motherboards, servers, and lots of other devices. The company has expanded speedily since the last 10 years across the globe, and now occupies top place in the computer manufacturing industry. The company delivers products that fully suites to the customers and fulfills their requirements. With its fast growth, the requirement for solid after sales service and support is necessary to maintain its growth and good customer experience. Asus India has more than 200 service centers located in India covering main cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore besides other cities and towns. If you are looking to contact the Asus company in India for any service related complaints or issues, then go through the list of ASUS customer care service centers and find out the location nearest to your area.

Asus Service Centers in India

Asus India Toll Free Helpline Number: 1800-209-0365

The above phone number can be used for feedback, suggestions, queries, complaints, and other types of inquiries also.

Asus customer care service centers in India:

(List is given in alphabetical order, so that it would be easy for you to find out your city hassle-free) continue reading…

To get status online Xbox status information of “Call of Duty: Black Ops” game visit The screenshot of URL is shown below. The status of Call of Duty Black Ops game depends on the traffic on server.

Know Call of Duty Black Ops Status on

To check Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox status visit given URL and enter your age to get access the Call of Duty Black Ops Status page. continue reading…

Zumba Fitness is the dance fitness program produced by dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez. The system blends Latin and international red-hot music with dance in an effort to form a “fitness-party” which is downright addictive. This type of fusion is only offered by Zumba workout system. At, you can get all necessary information concerning body maintenance and physical fitness. Getting started with Zumba Fitness program is very easy. There are plenty of options such as Zumba DVDs, Zumba classes, and even Nintendo Wii games so you can select any one invigorating workout.

How to check Zumba Fitness Order Status?

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Month of October is spookiest time of the year…. as it comes with blissful and pleasant ‘HALLOWEEN’ festival. Neither Disney channel nor Halloween require any introduction, because each and every kid/elder know them well. With great activities, television shows and fun for the entire family, has recently become one of the hottest and most visited websites on the web. And now, this most popular website gives chance to celebrate Halloween early with its “October Takeover”. Disney channel’s Halloween page is full of with Halloween games, movies and shows, so kids can enjoy numerous things on single page. It also offers great opportunity for kids to represent themselves as favorite Disney channel character with the permission of their parents. Play Disney Channel Halloween Games online

Halloween is almost upon us… again Disney channel is ready to give lots of fun to kids on its Disney channel/Halloween network called “October Takeover”. Every year, Disney Halloween network in Halloween month (October) brings lots of enjoyment to your screens. Generally, Disney opens “October Takeover” between October 1 and October 15, since 2005. Disney channel itself is already full of with lots of fun activities for the kids such as abundance of scary movies to watch, range of terrible games, and Halloween themed special television episodes. continue reading…

It’s really critical to know exactly what your customers think about your services…customer satisfaction is vital to the endurance of our businesses and survey is the best way to get customer point of view about your service. Mississippi’s McAlister’s Deli, fast casual restaurant has started Guest Satisfaction Survey to measure the customer satisfaction about services and other products that they offer. If you have experience of McAlister Deli restaurant, then give your little time of day to McAlister’s Deli and take part in their customer survey. It does not take more than five to complete the survey that will help them to improve service at this world-class deli. Customer feedback is also become helpful to know about what products are good and what need improvement. The company will use your provided information to improve many different things like specific products, customer service, and the general atmosphere of their stores. It is an online survey so you can complete in your convenient time.

Tell McAlister your feedback in customer survey

McAlister deli has served their fast food since 1989. At present, there are more than 300 store located in 23 states including from Virginia in the East to Florida in the South to New Mexico in West to Indiana in the Midwest. In their menu, they includes deli sandwiches, “Texas-size” spuds, soups, salads, and desserts, and also include catering items like sandwich trays and boxed lunches. The service management group will gather your personal information, transaction information and even your survey responses to successful complete. They use your information to improve store service and for research purposes. continue reading…